Ambrosia Pub & Grill

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Located in Amherst, WI

Ambrosia Pub & Grill

 American dining and comfort food from the cookbook of the Ambrose Family. 



Weekly Specials


Tuesday: Stir Fry ~

Beef, Chicken or Pork $9.25

Shrimp $10.25

Shrimp & Scallops $10.95

~Comes with soup, salad or Coleslaw~

DRINK SPECIAL ~ Captain & Coke $2.50

Wednesday: Pizza Buffet ~ 4:00 - 8:30 P.M.

Adult $9.50 ~ Children under 10 $4.25
complete salad bar, assorted pizzas,
garlic/cheese bread, a side dish and dessert


Thursday: Chefs Choice ~

See Menu Board
French Beef Dip Sandwich $8.50
served with au jus, giardiniera
and choice of fries
~ extra charge for cheese and mushrooms ~

DRINK SPECIAL ~ Absolute Vodka & Flavors $2.75

Friday: Fish Fry ~

See Menu Board ~ Served all Day Everyday!

DRINK SPECIAL ~ Kahlua White & Black Russians $3.25

Saturday: Steak and Shrimp ~

20oz Porterhouse Steak & 4 Fantail Shrimp $22.95
14oz Ribeye Steak & 4 Fantail Shrimp $21.95
All dinners include choice of potato, soup, salad
or coleslaw
~ $1.00 more for Grilled Shrimp (4) ~

DRINK SPECIAL ~ Malibu & Flavors $2.50

Sunday: Chicken and Pork Chop Dinner ~

1 Ambroasted Pork Chop and 2 Pieces of
Ambroasted Chicken served with mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, vegetables, choice of soup, salad or coleslaw and a roll.

DRINK SPECIAL ~ Absolute Vodka Bloody Marys $3.75

Monday: Closed

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(715) 824-2332


192 S Main St
Amherst WI, 54406


Tuesday - 3 P.M.–close
Wed - Sat - 11 A.M.–close
Sun - 11 A.M.–9 P.M.

Good For Groups

Don't forget to order the best Bloody Mary in Amherst

Don't forget to order the best Bloody Mary in Amherst


Ambrosia Pizza Menu


Catering Menu

Choice of one Meat $9.95/person
Choice of two Meats $11.25/person
Choice of three Meats $12.95/person

Includes: Choice of Meat, Potato, Vegetable and two Salad choices as well dinner rolls and Dessert


• Ambroasted Chicken/Baked/Grilled (choice of one)
• Ham
• Cod
• Beef Tips w/Gravy
• Homemade Meatballs
• BBQ Meatballs
• Roast Beef
• Battered Ale Shrimp
• Pork Chops
• BBQ Spare Ribs
• Roast Turkey
• Roast Pork (oven or smoked)
• Spaghetti
• Lasagna (meat or meatless)
• Scalloped Potatoes with Ham
• Beef Pot Roast
• Braised Sirloin Steaks with Sauce
• Creamy Pork Tenderloin in Creamy
Mushroom Sauce

Potato Choices Include:

• American Fries
• Baked Potatoes
• Ambroasted Wedges
• Cheesy Hash Browns
• Mashed Potatoes
• Scalloped Potatoes (Plain)
• Parsley Butter Potatoes
• Au Gratin Potatoes
• Potato Salad
• Stuffing

Vegetable Choices:

• Bi-colored Corn
• California Blend (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots)
• Chateau Vegetable Blend (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, yellow squash, zucchini)
• Prince William Blend (broccoli,carrots, green beans, red and yellow Peppers)
• Mediterranean Blend (assorted roasted
• Green Beans
• Baked Beans
• Glazed Carrots

Salad Choices (choice of two or ask for other options)

• Coleslaw
• Broccoli/Cauliflower/Bacon Salad
• Tuna Salad
• Ham Pasta Salad
• Garden Pasta Salad
• Chicken/Bacon Pasta Salad
• Italian Pasta
• Vegetable Platter w/Ranch or Dill Dip
• Cucumber Salad
• Three Bean Salad
• Fruit Salad
• Individual Plated Salads (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, croutons)

Add a Salad Bar for $2.75/person

• Mixed Greens/Lettuce • Bacon Bits
• Tomato • Croutons
• Eggs • Two Salad From
• Cucumbers List Above • Cheddar Cheese • Choice of Three
• Black Olives Dressings
• Pickled Beets
• Fresh Mushrooms
• Cottage Cheese
• Ham
• Green Peppers
• Red Onions

Pizza Buffet $9.95/person

*Includes Assorted Pizzas of Your Choice
• Spaghetti with meat sauce or Chicken Wings (Regular, BBQ, Hot or Mix and Match)
• Garlic and Cheese Bread
• Salad Bar or See Other Options

***Ask About Breakfast Menus!***

Other Options:

• Assorted Steaks (grilled)
• Brats
• Burgers
• Cold Cuts
• Appetizers/Finger Foods
• Beer Trailer Rental

*****Customize Your Gathering*****
Any ideas of something you would like to have, just ask for a price. Changes can be made to suit your needs.
Example: No dessert or salad (price is adjusted accordingly)

Comfort Food Special $8.95/person
*Ideal for family reunions, funerals, etc. (For groups over 50 people)


• Chicken Pieces (equal white and dark meat)
• Real Mashed Potatoes
• Stuffing
• Chicken Gravy
• Corn/Green Beans/Squash (choice of one)
• Dinner Rolls (white, wheat, or mixed)
• Coleslaw


Chicken by the Piece
(Equal amounts of white and dark meat)
#of pieces Cost per piece

1-24 pieces $1.35
25-49 pieces $1.25
50-99 pieces $1.15
100 pieces $1.05

**Soups are available for an additional $2.50 per person

**Coffee, Milk and other beverages are an extra charge

Also available:

•1/2 or 1/4 barrel of beer with tappers or 1919 Root Beer - Call for Pricing
*need at least 4 days notice.
•Beer trailer rental also available
*ask for more information


Please note:

**Other sides and desserts can be added for additional charge.

**Additional charge for extra help to serve and deliver, set up and cleanup.

**A $.75 extra charge per person will be added for use of eating utensils (real or plastic), sturdy dinner, salad and dessert plates, napkins, cups, sugar and creamers, butter pats, salt and pepper shakers and serving utensils, etc. (everything needed to serve the meal)


**There is a minimum group size of 50 people, however smaller groups can arrange to pick up food.




Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels
To Go Orders Only ~ Additional Charges for Substitutions

To Go Order #1 $24.95
16” two topping pizza, 6 jumbo chicken wings and an order of cheesebread

To Go Order #2 $22.95
12 pieces of Ambroasted chicken, 3 orders of fries, 1 pound of coleslaw and 6 dinner rolls

To Go Order #3 $20.95
5 - 1/3 pound burgers, 3 orders of fries, pickles, raw or grilled onions
~ Add cheese to the burgers for an additional $2.00


~ Food is cooked to required temperatures by the Wisconsin Food Code and consumers eating under cooked  foods must assume the risk of potential food borne illness ~